The Sport Science Department of the University of Milano is among the Top-3 ranked Sport Science Faculties in Italy since several years ( It has an own Ph.D. School, which is included into the Ph.D. School of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health. In addition, students can attend one Bachelor and two Master courses.

Its mission is to develop research in pure sport science, sport medicine, motor control, exercise physiology and physical activity for sedentary, elderly and pathologic populations. The staff of the Sport Science Department has a large variety of further job engagements, that spans from professional elite soccer clubs (e.g. FC Inter or AC Atalanta) or several Italian Sports Federations to Public Hospital Departments as exercise specialists for people affected by different musculoskeletal or cardiopulmonary diseases.

The facilities and the devices available allow to explore several applied specific research fields in sport science, such as acute and chronic adaptations in performance and in physiological changes induced by strength or endurance training, as well as injury prevention or return to sport, training-load monitoring in individual and team sports.

Università degli Studi di Milano and ESC2 project

The Sport Science Department operates with several European Universities as Erasmus+ partner and collaborates with a myriad of researchers all over the world. The collaboration includes visiting Lecturers or Ph.D students, seminars or classes made by international guests.

The Sport Science Department of the University of Milano develops its research in sport science based on its multi-disciplinary approach. The link between the training-induced physiological changes and the improvements in sports performance enhance is the key-point that allows transferring the scientific approach into the sports practice. In addition, focusing its activity also on professional athletes help to discover and develop the major determinants of sports performance at elite level.

More specifically, the staff has developed a noteworthy scientific background and field practice in strength and conditioning, including strength training, endurance training, injury prevention, postrehabilitation interventions and the relationship between training and competition loads. Several Italian Olympic Federations (e.g. soccer, tennis, badminton, athletics…etc) require the assistance of our staff to enhance their high-level coach and conditioner education courses.

The Sport Science Department offers to the students a wide range of apprenticeship (e.g. fitness centres, professional clubs…) and the possibility to develop their Bachelor, Master or Doctorate thesis in this unique high-level context. Furthermore, it is partner of several worldwide sports-technology companies (e.g. Technogym ™, Microgate) that the enlarge research, teaching and apprenticeship offers, increasing their quality.