Dates of the module: from 12 to 16 September 2022

Place: Swiss federal institute of Sports, Hauptstrasse 247, 2532 Magglingen, Switzerland

Theme: Self-Management and Team Management

The position of S & C coach is special as he is only responsible for a certain part of the development of athletic performance. He is part of a team of specialists with different roles and responsibilities. He receives instructions from the head coach, from data specialists and the medical department gives him various guidelines for the design of the training.
So that the S & C coach can fulfill his role optimally, it is important to highlight this setting. But the origin of the analysis of the role of S & C coach within a team, lies with him. These aspects should be taken up and examined more precisely by the module « Self-Management and Team Management ».

Contents of the module:

  • Analysis of the personality and potential analysis
  • Analysis of coaching behavior (theory & practice)
  • Resource management
  • Types of communication (theory & practice)
  • Role and task clarification (theory & practice)
  • Climate of motivation
  • Testimonials (success strategies)

Objectives of the module, the trainees:

  • receive an analysis of the personality and a potential analysis as a basis for their further coaching activities
  • analyze their personal coaching behavior (including communication)
  • analyze their personal resource management
  • learn about methods & means to optimize Self-Management
  • know the different types of communication and can apply them sensibly.
  • analyze their role as S & C coaches within a team
  • analyze their team skills
  • learn how to create a climate of motivation within a group
  • understand methods & means to clarify roles &tasks within a team
  • ear about strategies of successful coaches

Teaching structure:

  • case studies,
  • intergroup development,
  • Cooperative case,
  • Peer consulting,
  • Supervision,
  • Questionnaires,
  • Self reflection