A consortium of Sports performance centres, Sports confederation and Universities joined forces to develop an international vocational training course for elite strength and conditioning coaches. The ESC2 project is co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

In order to improve strength and conditioning coaches’ level and competences and to develop their employability and their mobility on a national and European level, the project partners will use and share their expertise in the field of strength and conditioning (training load, individualization, injury prevention, self & team management, etc.) to implement and test a new and innovative continous training.

A first group of 25 trainees (5 trainees per country) will be selected on the basis of their experience and knowledge within the 5 participating countries. The participants will all have a significant experience in elite Sport.

The logic guiding the project is a collaborative approach. The partners have built up the project altogether and will all be involved in the activities planned: the trainees’ selection process, the design of an innovative VET course for elite strength and conditioning coaches, the implementation of the mobility periods, the assessment of the course and of the project, etc.

In addition, other significant results are envisaged during the project and upon its completion: the sharing of experience between trainees, experts & trainers involved; the creation of a methodology to further develop S & C coaches with an evidence-based approach; the development of e-learning content and methods adapted to advanced trainees.