Dates of the module: from 13 to 17 September 2021

Place: Kuortane Olympic Training Centre, Opistotie 1, 63100 Kuortane, Finland

Theme: Individualization

Topic will be looked through different approaches. Main approach is the psychological approach for strength and conditioning training which is not commonly used to link to the topic. Recognizing the differences in athletes’ personalities and mental states play a significant importance for the quality and efficiency of the training interventions.
Skill and motor learning are fundamentals of each athletes’ capacity as we mostly focus on strength, power and physiological discussion among the coaches. This approach produces an excellent possibility to define knowledge and vision for each participant.

Programming the strength and conditioning training in different sports with concurrent training and loading is an enormous field to discussion and creating opportunities sharing knowledge. This includes also the necessity of athlete development follow up for gathering information about the efficiency of the training completed and optimizing individualization.
Each sports develops the training methods and terminology from sports specific point of view. This approach gives us a chance to differentiate strength and conditioning training between team and individual sports with different cultures of playing and coaching.
Gender approach in strength and conditioning refers mostly to general differences of loading men and women. With a group of experienced participants in the fields of coaching we will have a chance to reflect the individual variation among the male or female athletes as well as bring scientific knowledge to the discussions.

Learning outcomes: at the end of the module the participants will be able to:

  • recognize the individual variation in the field of strength and condition training compared the general knowledge of strength training methods
  • apply their knowledge better to sports specific training

Teaching structure

  • Expert lectures for named topics,
  • Case studies,
  • Peer learning,
  • Practical sessions with training centre elite athletes


Poster, best practice guideline article, video