Dates of the training: from 20 to 24 January 2020

Place: INSEP, 11 avenue du Tremblay, 75012 Paris, France

Theme: Training load


  • To launch the ESC2 course and introduce the trainees with the methodologies and themes that will be approached afterwards (Testing, Individualization, Self-management & Team management, Back to sport & injury prevention).
  • To create the best conditions possible to have all the stakeholders to get to know each other and share experiences (trainees, trainers, experts).
  • To provide high quality and up-to-date knowledge on training load
  • To answer the vocational expectations of the trainees while raising their awareness on the importance of using scientific knowledge to find practical solutions.

Content of the module

  • Exchange of practices – Co-developpement sessions with certified coaches
  • Collective work on study cases supported by experts
  • Scientific conferences
  • Visit of sporting facilities

INSEP training team:

  • INSEP vocational training department
  • INSEP department of performance’ enhancement
  • INSEP medical department
  • Experts (coaches/mentors, physical assistants) of INSEP “Pôles France” (i.e. where the French athletes train) of « Grand INSEP » (network composed of INSEP and all regional sport performance centres)
  • Renowned international experts on training load

In a view to adapt to the requests and questions of the trainees, a pool of resource-persons able to bring their expertise anytime during the training session will be created. This team will help the trainees in the resolution of the case studies. They are all experts in their domain (elite coaches, elite strength and conditioning coaches, researchers, doctors, etc.) and connected the topic of the module. They role will be to:

  • Support the working groups in their work on case-studies
  • Realize interventions during the collective sessions
  • Realize conferences
  • Support the trainees in their personal reflection

Examination : Trainees will be examined both on written deliverables and orally. At the end of the module the participants will be be assessed on their ability to:

  • Produce a document (Poster/computer graphics) about case study solutions
  • Explain and justify the solutions with a scientific approach
  • Make a conference to present their work

Literature :

  • Scientific Article Review regarding Training load topics
  • Review of scientific article’s and computer graphics regarding Sport (makes the link between science and practice):